BUC Songs

Click on the links below to download zip files containing BUC Songs used in general sessions. They are organised alphabetically in two folders. 

Song Folders  – Latest Update  19/3//23

1. A – L Songs March 2023

2. M – Z Songs March 2023

You can find more songs on the drop down menu for this page.

The Songs on this website have been prepared by several people. They generally follow a standard format.

[G] normally designates a full bar or multiple full bars of that chord.

[G] underlined indicates a single strum.

[G//] [G///] indicates a 2 or 3 count strum for that particular bar.

[NC] indicates no chord –  don’t play anything.

Where the words are struck through, it denotes instrumental – no singing.

Note: The songs on this website are presented for educational use only. The songs remain the property and copyright of their rightful owners. Neither Bromsgrove Ukulele Club nor any of its members claim ownership of any lyrics or songs on this website.